Multifunctional space,
unique architecture

Kodusadam in the Noblessner quarter is an integrated residential district where contemporary architecture and distinguished history come together to form a complete living and business environment. It is a place of beauty, whether that be in the form of its apartment blocks or its open spaces.

So that its courtyards and central square are safe and enjoyable for residents of all ages, four-wheeled traffic has been entirely redirected below ground. This means you can walk, exercise, dine and simply spend quality time in a truly European, car-free environment.

Born to be a port, designed to be a home port

The first of the four residential blocks to be erected were built right on the waterfront, less than 10 metres from the sea. As such, we like to call your new home Estonia’s ‘most seaside’ apartment block. Here your curtains will flutter gently in the summer breeze, while the play of light and colour in autumn will create spectacular sea views. And if you want to enjoy those views from even closer, there’ll be a waterfront café and a full promenade.

Seafront living

It’s no secret that prior to our development this area was home to Noblessner Harbour, which today has evolved into a modern marina complex. This is every inch your home port – you can moor your yacht or sailing boat here, giving you immediate access to Tallinn Bay whenever you feel like heading out. If you’re interested in a spot quayside, ask our sales manager for information.

Not just close to the city – in the city

The Kodusadam apartments are built in the Noblessner quarter – right here where Kalamaja Park meets Tallinn Bay. This truly unique residential district is only separated from the Old Town and city centre by Kalamaja itself, a suburb renowned for its green spaces and restaurant scene, and which has an atmosphere all its own. Strolling from Noblessner through Kalamaja to the city will take you no more than 15 minutes. This means that in summer you really can do the European thing and leave your car in the garage!

Giving a dignified past a brand new future

In developing the Noblessner district our aim has been to create a distinguished environment that sets great store by its historical heritage and picturesque seaside setting. Redevelopment included the completion of a waterfront promenade and the reconstruction of the Foundry and yacht club. In addition to access from Tööstuse and Peetri streets, residents and visitors will also be able to access the district directly from Kalaranna Street. Here are also a path for pedestrians and cyclists that will be linked to the light traffic underpass and promenade. All of this is designed to ensure that it’s as easy for people to reach Noblessner as possible.

A few words from our architect

The rebirth of Noblessner
Indrek Suigusaar | Partner, PLUSS Architects

The Noblessner quarter is being reborn. The functions it serves are changing; it will be home to different people, and different activities. Our aim was to create a contemporary, multifunctional environment enriched by spacious squares and private courtyards. The design of the harbour and marina as a maritime chequerboard accentuates the area as a portside living space and gives the place its own unique identity.

Two things primarily make urban space liveable: its scale and its details. With this in mind, we have divided up the larger building spaces into significantly smaller ones with their own characters and dimensions. The exteriors support the Noblessner quarter’s identity as an urban space experiencing a rebirth that is typical of seaside cities in Northern Europe undergoing redevelopment.